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PrimeLife Single And Limited Payment

PrimeLife Single And Limited Payment

PrimeLife Single and Limited Payment Plan is designed to the people who wish to pay the premium in lump sum basis and who wish to pay premium for the limited payment.

Key Features

  • Premium can be paid in lump sum basis as a single payment or for the desired period.
  • Upon maturity of policy, Sum assured and vested bonus will be paid.
  • In case of death of the insured within the premium paying term, subject to policy in force, Sum Assured and vested bonus will be paid to the legal heir or beneficiary of the insured.

Policy Requirements

Minimum Sum Assured
Npr 50,000

Maximum Sum Assured
No Limit

Minimum Entry Age
16 Years

Maximum Entry Age
65 Years

Minimum Policy Term
5 Years

Maximum Policy Term
30 Years

Max Maturity Age
70 Years

Premium Paying Term
Single or 5 / 10 / 15 / 20

Premium Payment Frequency
Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly


Maturity Benefits
Full sum assured plus bonus

Death before maturity: 
Basic Sum Assured plus Vested Bonus

Maturity Benefits

5 years from commencement
25% of basic sum assured

Rider Benefits

  • Flexibility to add in riders like Accidental death benefits and permanent total disability in case of an unfortunate event of death of disability during policy enforce period, additional benefits will be paid as covered by ADB. All future premiums will be waived and monthly benefit will be paid to the insured in case of total permanent disability due to accident.
  • (Equal to basic sum assured or maximum NPR. 30,00,000 which ever is less)

Premium Calculator

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Prime Life

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